Taneshia Camillo-Sheffey is Founder/CEO of The Haute House "brands." The Haute House is in the business of developing fashion businesses. The Haute House Design Studio is the creative side of the industry, building tomorrows' fashion brands today. The Haute House University is the ED TECH arm teaching the business side of fashion to aspiring designers and professionals.

MadeINcubator is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization that is revolutionizing the way designers learn, build and succeed in fashion. Using fashion as an anchor to build economic development in the greater Boston area, a region once revered for its rich textile industry.

Taneshia serves as a guide for fashion professionals looking to develop their professional fashion brand and businesses. She has many roles as a fearless leader in Entrepreneurship, Education, Mentor, Networking Expert, Connector, Fashion Advocate and Speaker. Helping to create a more sustainable fashion industry in Boston through teaching the business of fashion and entrepreneurship. Tanesha is here to create an avenue for private high fashion designers where there normally wouldn’t be one. Being in the retail management & visual merchandising field for over 13 years for reputable brands such as LVMH & Neiman Marcus. were she has learned from and worked with the most elite in the business of fashion.

Taneshia is known as the "Fearless Leader", because of her business savvy, strategies, tenacity and willingness to never give up. Her popular workshops "Business of Fashion" and fashion incubator "MadeINcubator", have been redefining and revolutionizing the way designers learn. build and succeed in fashion. Taneshia has partnered with numerous entrepreneurs and organizations such as Microsoft, Eastern Bank and CWE "Center for Women & Enterprise" to develop these programs.

This experience has fueled Taneshia with the passion to assist fashion entrepreneurs and creative professionals to grow their businesses and gain success by reaching their full potential. Opportunity is not equally distributed when it comes to fashion in Boston. Tanesha is set out to create a fashion climate in which creatives who are facing obstacles and encountering challenges can feel supported instead of scared, empowered instead of defeated, and be rewarded instead of rejected.